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The Batcycle (1966)
The original 1966 Batcycle was a leased 1965 Harley-Davidson and side car that was featured in season one episode twenty-two "Not Yet, He Ain't" .

A new Batcycle was created for the Batman(1966) Feature Film and was used throughout the rest of the 1960's television series. Created by Kustomotive for $2500 using a Yamaha Catalina 250, the new Batcycle featured a detachable self-propelled side car.


The Batgirl Cycle (1968)
In an attempt to attract more female viewers to the Third Season of Batman(1966)Commissioner Gordon's daughter Barbara assumes the alter ego of Batgirl and the Batgirl Cycle is born.

The Batblade (1997)
Making it's only appearance in the 1997 film Batman & Robin the multi function Batblade features along side "The Redbird", Robin's motorcycle

View The Redbird from Jason Battersby Design

The Batpod (2008)
A new Batcycle is created for the Dark Knight Trilogy and is renamed the Batpod, due to the fact it is ejected out of the Bat mobile's(Tumbler) front end.  Equiped with 20" front and rear tires, the Batpod is powered by a single cylinder engine, geared for quick acceleration and high-performance. 

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